How many times has someone said to you ‘don’t worry’.  It is a common saying that we have all said, but you see when we say ‘don’t worry’ the mind actually cannot process a negative response, for example if I said to you ‘don’t think about a bright pink Elephant’ the first thing that you will do is use your imagination and start to think about a bright pink Elephant!! What has this got to do with therapy you might well ask?  Well as most people that come to see us have found out, it is how we think about things that changes the way we feel about things, and how we feel about things changes how we feel about ourselves….. so the next time you are feeling bad about something, just accept the thought and allow it to drift through your mind, just like any random thought, and then start to think about something different instead, or perhaps recall a time and place when you felt really relaxed and enjoying yourself….. and that’s an interesting thing to think about….

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