Clinical Hypnotherapy

Trance is a natural state of directed focus that we all experience every day.  For example, when we day dream, when we let our mind wander when we are bored, when we are so engrossed in a book that we lose track of time and when we travel to work and somehow arrive without really taking much notice of the journey.  Clinical Hypnotherapy when used by our skilled Hypnotherapists at Clear Solutions can harness this natural ability of directed focus to help you to overcome problems such as:

  • Phobias,seedling
  • Smoking Cessation,
  • Panic attacks,
  • Anxiety,
  • Stress,
  • Fear and worry,
  • Symptoms of  Irritable Bowel Syndrome,
  • Confidence,
  • Self Esteem,
  • Sleep problems,
  • Unwanted weight gain.

It works by your therapist speaking directly to the subconscious part of your mind (the part that is responsible for your emotions, feelings, forgotten memories and other things like your heart rate and breathing) and our therapist can help you to re-programme your thought and behaviour patterns so that you can overcome problems and experience more abundance in your life.  At all times in hypnotherapy, you are in control.

It is you who decides when to enter trance and you can also decide when you want to come out of it.  You are able to speak and to move around if you wish, and although your attention is focused on the therapist, you are still aware of what is happening around you and of the everyday sounds in the room.  Most people find it a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.  Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process and it is important to understand that change happens because you want it to happen and because you are prepared to take the necessary steps to allow it to happen.

Our highly experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist at Clear Solutions can help you to achieve the positive changes that you are wanting to make in your life.

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