Have you noticed how easy it is to think about how many things can bother you or cause you to be stressed? It is a fact that life becomes very stressful at times for all of us, however when we tend to default into seeing things in a negative light, then it becomes habit, if that sounds familiar then you’re not on your own.

Every day is a brand new day, just as the sun rises, and we get up to face the day ahead. Then why not try a different approach? For example if something goes wrong during the day, instead of thinking in a negative way, try to look at the situation as though you have learned something very valuable, and in doing so just imagine that if that had not happened you would not have experienced a new challenge in your life, and knowing that rising to challenges makes you stronger, and that you can cope with situations with a new found sense of confidence, and you can become aware of an inner strength that is always available to you.

Changing how you think about things changes how you feel about things, and changing how you feel about things…changes how you feel about yourself, and that’s an interesting thing to think about. So from now on try to get into the habit of thinking about things in a more positive light, and in so doing become aware of all the things that are good in your life, and notice how the sun can shine after recent rain, and how the seasons can change just like when winter turns to spring, and how fresh and new everything becomes.

And as you start to become aware of all the good things in your life, notice how you can find the joy and calm that is waiting for you.

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