As we move away from the dark winter days and the weather slowly begins to improve and we have lighter days, have you noticed how the spring flowers are starting to show, of course this happens every year but how often do we actually notice these changes happening? Why not start to notice all the small changes by simply taking a few minutes each day and stop to see what has changed from yesterday?

Mindfulness is a wonderful way of ‘being in the moment’ and although that might seem rather strange, all it really means is to really pay attention to the ‘present’ and becoming much more aware of the things around you. Just like noticing the beauty in the sky when there is a lovely sunrise, and the spring flowers with their cheerful colours, and the birds starting to sing in the mornings…….and you can begin to notice how things that used to worry you or upset you start to become much less important.

So you see that the things that used to upset you or limit you can only do that if you allow them to…… so the next time that you feel anxious about anything…… just begin to notice all the natural beauty that is around you in nature…… and as winter slowly turns into spring and then summer, you can begin to see things in perspective and start to notice how much more relaxed you can feel……just by being ‘in the moment’

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