Testimonials Received

“Thanks to the counselling sessions, I have realised that I’m not the only one in my situation and that seeking help and talking things through can make a real difference.  Attending counselling sessions is not admitting a weakness, it is actually showing strength and a desire to make a change.  Kate helped me to understand that and to look at things in a new, positive way which has made a real difference.  Everything is handled sensitively and confidentially and I would recommend Kate to anyone who is struggling to cope with difficult issues”.  Client Al

“When I approached Kate I was very low and going through an extremely difficult time.  After my few months with Kate I am feeling a million times better.  It was tough at times and involved a lot of hard work, but it has been worth every minute, tear and penny”. Client K

“I have suffered with my phobia for 50+ years and it has controlled my life to a great degree.  Following therapy with Kate I am now in control for the first time and feel significantly less anxiety and able to enjoy my surroundings”.  Client D

“I felt fully supported and will continue to use the service from time to time”. Client L

“I found the experience very satisfactory and would have no hesitation in recommending Kate in the future.  Thank you so much”.  Client C

“I didn’t expect it to make the difference that it did, for me to walk in in tears and leave smiling ready to take on whatever life threw at me.  I think everyone should try it”.  Client E


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