Have you experienced times in you life when you just think that everything is going wrong in your life? It’s very common for all of us to think that from time to time….when you find that you are always looking for things to go wrong……guess what, they usually do!!

Because the unconscious mind can often focus on what you ‘imagine’ to be true or all the things that ‘could’ go wrong, rather than what are actually the facts of the situation, and then it is easy to jump to the wrong conclusion when you may find that what you think about starts to happen!!

So the next time you find that your ‘inner voice’ is telling you that everything is ‘wrong’ in your life or not ‘perfect’ just accept those thoughts for what they are, and just let them simply drift through your mind like any other random thoughts…..and as you do…….. just start to think in ways that are more positively focused…… just as you can become aware of all the good things in your life……. and begin to look for and notice the things that really matter in your life…….. It may seem difficult at first but with practise it gets easier and easier…….and you may have a surprise, a very pleasant surprise sooner or later…… at how much more calm and relaxed you can feel…..and….you may soon start to notice just how many things are starting to go ‘right’ in your life.

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